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Parents and Students,

Welcome to the official TeleSchool page for Milton Chorus. This webpage will be your primary source of information regarding news, assignments, and events related to our new TeleSchool procedure. Please make sure to check it regularly.

As we head into this new online format, it is extremely important for everyone to stay up-to-date on all communication platforms. For chorus, please keep the following points in mind.

  • Regular email communications will be sent out to all parents and students using the Charms platform. Parents, if you have not been receiving these communications it is likely that your information in Charms has not been updated. Click here and follow the instructions to access your account and update your information. Email Mr. Schreer with questions or issues.

  • Updates and specific information about assignments will be shared with students using the GroupMe platform. Students, it is absolutely essential that you regularly check and like messages as you read them. Both directors will be monitoring your status closely to make sure that you are caught up and aware of our expectations. Don't fall behind!

Part A: Each week you will be asked to record yourself singing an excerpt from your music. In order to give you more time to practice, we are asking that all recordings be turned in on Friday by 11:59 PM. While that is the deadline, we strongly encourage you to consider completing them on the Elective Day (Wednesday) or at the very least not waiting till the last minute on Friday.

Some things to note.

  • The exact assignments for your choir can be found at the very bottom of this page. A number of assignments are already listed to allow you to work ahead, and we will update each tab as things develop.

  • Both sheet music and learning tracks are available on the website for each song. These files are available in the Student Resources section.

  • You can record yourself singing on whatever device you think is best. There are many different methods for recording yourself (all of which you can find online) but the simplest method would be to use your phone. Use this guide for instructions on using a Windows, iPhone, or Android phone.

  • You will need to submit your audio files each week using the TeleSchool Assignment Submissions Form below. You CAN turn in your files from your phone, but you may find it easier to use a computer or surface.

  • These assignments will be graded using the Rubric below and will serve as your weekly grades for the time we are out. 

Part B: You are asked to track your weekly practice using the practice log below. Document the day, time practed, and music you worked on. This will be due when we return to school and will need to be signed by your parents.










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