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Join Milton Chorus!

“Chorus has become such a big part of my life and I can’t imagine the person I would be without it.”

— Olivia Stefl, Junior

General Info

The Milton Chorus Program consists of four different curricular ensembles: Bella Voce (Intermediate Treble Chorus), Chorale (Mastery Mixed Chorus), Concert Choir (Intermediate Mixed Chorus), Select (Advanced Treble Chorus). All prospective members should complete a placement exam in order to be placed in the most appropriate choral ensemble. Students who do not want to complete a placement exam have the option of singing in Bella Voce.

Placement Exams Date/Location

  • Rising 9th Graders have the option to complete a placement exam at Milton High School OR at Elkins Pointe/Northwestern Middle School. You can register for one of the above options using the link above.

  • Current High School students will complete their placement exams in person Monday,  March 18 3:45 - 7:30 PM, Tuesday, March 19 12:45 -7:30 PM, or Wednesday, March 20 9:25 - 11:30 AM.

  • Students new to Milton should contact Drew Bowers or Susan Wallace to set up their placement exam.

Exam Requirements
(to be selected from)

  1. Vocalization: Singers will be vocalized by the directors to check range and voice part placement.

  2. Solo: Any new singers should be prepared to sing a short solo. It can be Happy Birthday, a folk song, a show tune, something from a previous choir, etc. This is simply to hear the singers sing something they know. Singers should not sing a pop tune for it will not showcase the range we wish to hear for this audition.

  3. Tonal Memories: Tonal patterns will be played and the singers will reproduce the melody on neutral syllables. This is to check their ear and how quickly they can pick up a tune.

  4. Sight Singing: Singers will sight-read two examples. We will check their practice techniques and how quickly they can read a piece of music. This is not the most important part of the audition but it is important to check their ready ability for proper placement.

All students interested in joining Milton Chorus are encouraged to contact Drew Bowers or Susan Wallace directly.

Registering for Classes

Class Registration at Milton High School takes place before Placement Exams have been completed. In order to account for this, all new singers will need to register for specific courses. After the Placement exams, singers will be moved to the proper ensemble.

  • All New Students should enroll in Intermediate Mixed Chorus - 54.0221001 and 54.0221003

Extra-curricular Ensembles

The Milton Chorus Program has four extra-curricular ensembles: The Unaccompanied Minors (Mixed), Milton Misses (Women), Testostertones (Men), and the Shirley Tempos Quartet (Women). Auditions for these groups take place in the fall and as needed in the spring. Singers must be enrolled in a curricular ensemble to participate in one of the a cappella groups.



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