Placement Exams

If you are a Current Milton Chorus student, you will need to complete a placement exam for either of these scenarios.

  • You wish to seek placement in a different ensemble for the 20-21 school year.

  • You wish to be considered for a section leader in any of the ensembles. Note that section leader applicants are required to complete an in-person audition.

If you are content with your placement and do not wish to be considered as a section leader, you do not need to complete an audition and will remain in the current ensemble for the 20-21 school year.

If you are a New Member or Rising 9th Grader you will need to complete an audition to be considered for placement in Advanced Ensembles. All students who do not complete a placement exam will be placed using the following guidelines.

  • All men will be placed in Concert Choir.

  • All women will be placed in Bella Voce or Concert Choir based on a recommendation from the middle school teacher or previous vocal instructor.

Placement exams can be completed digitally OR in-person. Details for both of these formats can be found below. Please review all of the information carefully before making your selection. In-person placement exams will be held between Monday, April 29 and Thursday, May 1. All digital exam submissions are due by Tuesday, March 30 at 11:59 PM.

Digital Placement Exams

Part 1: The Solo

Record yourself singing America (My Country 'tis of Thee). This should be a video recording, and you will submit it using the "Placement Exam Registration" button below. Sheet music and an accompaniment track are provided. A few tips for your video.

  • Make sure you are clearly visible in your recording. This is not the time to be camera shy - we want you to be front and center!

  • Find a well lit, distraction-free room to make your recording. Make sure there aren't any other people or noises in your submission. We want to see you, so make sure we can!

  • Make sure your video isn't shaky. Use a tripod, stand, or other props to steady your camera. Try to avoid having someone film you by hand.

  • Dress well. Certainly don't wear anything stiff or uncomfortable, but make an effort to look your best.

  • Finally, and most importantly, perform! With both your body AND your voice! Yes, this is a simple song but don't let that stop you from showing us what you've got!

Part 2: Sight Reading

Sight-reading submission will be made using Sight Reading Factory. Current Students will need to login into their account, click on "Classes" and enroll in the "Chorus Placement Exams for 2021-2022" course. Once enrolled, you will find the "Placement Exam Sight Reading" listed on your assignments page. If you are a New Students/Rising 9th Graders please follow the tutorial below to activate your Sight Reading Factory account and complete the assignment.

Both components of the digital placement exam must be completed/submitted by Tuesday, April 30 at 11:59 PM.

Download the Accompaniment Track
Download the Sheet Music
Download SRF Registration Tutorial

In-Person Placement Exams

In-Person placement exams will be held between Monday, March 29 and Thursday, April 1. To participate, click the "Placement Exam Registration" button below.

  • Placement exams for Rising 9th Graders will be held during the school day and scheduled by your middle school chorus director.

  • New Members and Current Students will have the opportunity to schedule an exam in one of the available exam times.

Students should be prepared to complete the following components:

  1. Solo: Any new singers should be prepared to sing a short solo. It can be Happy Birthday, a folk song, a show tune, something from a previous choir, etc. You are welcome to use the American (My Country 'tis of Thee) information available above. This is simply to hear the singers sing something they know. Singers should not sing a pop tune for it will not showcase the range we wish to hear for this audition.

  2. Sight Singing: Singers will sight-read one example. We will check their practice techniques and how quickly they can read a piece of music. This is not the most important part of the audition but it is important to check their ready ability for proper placement.

Register using the link below. Exam times will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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