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Our Fall Concert is Here!

We're so excited to be having our first concert this afternoon! A few reminders per Fulton County Schools Guidelines as we get started:

  1. All attendees (including students) are required to wear masks during our event.

  2. All attendees are asked to maintain a distance of 6ft or more from all other attendees.

  3. During the concert please remain in your circle.

  4. If you are viewing the concert from your car, make sure it remains off while the students are performing. We ask that you wait to leave until the end of the concert.

  5. There are no public restrooms available during the concert.

We appreciate your compliance with these policies as we look to perform safely. The concert will be streamed live on our Facebook page for friends and family who can't be in attendance. (Make sure to like/follow the page in order to see the stream!) Now sit back, relax, check out the program, and enjoy our first concert of the 2020-2021 season!

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